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2022 Mauvais Sang - December Square

Director : Antoine Vercellotti

Environment Artist : Valérian Burki

Character Artist : Marius Munier 

Space Odyssey visual effect : Mathis Saunier

Scenario : Antoine Vercellotti & Mauvais Sang

In the heart of an underwater cavity - the Bushman Hole - a diver sets out to find a colleague who died ten years earlier. At the end of this ordeal, he ends up discovering something else.


The structure of the piece follows the thread of his path :

first, the great leap into the depths, symbolized by the ambient noise. Then, the pulsation of the drums, like a heart that beats faster and faster, reproduces the tumultuous crossing. Finally, the harp, with a bewitching melody, accompanies the diver in a last sigh, lulling him to his final encounter.

cover Bushman Hole carré format (1).jpg


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